Ethervision develops all of its applications natively for both iOS and Android so that your company gets the best long-term solution that works seamlessly with and at the root of each device.

  • Reimburse Me

    AON-Hewitt is an ongoing client of Ethervision. The Reimburse Me app transfers sensitive media and data securely from device to server and is fully HIPPA compliant giving AON peace of mind knowing their data is solid and secure. The app simplifies the once arduous task of collecting medical receipts and submitting them to get processed. Our client couldn't have been more pleased. See testimonial section.

  • Maurice Sporting Goods

    Maurice Sporting Goods is the leading sporting goods distributor in North America. From the big box retailers to mom and pop stores, Maurice supplies the best product and the best service in the business. Maurice Mobile connects all retailers to its ordering system allowing customers to easily scan and purchase sporting goods in bulk.

  • World of Whirlpool

    World of Whirlpool is among Ethervision's ongoing clients. Ethervision created a universal iPhone and iPad application that helps key Whirlpool employees and retailers take notes, pictures and videos of key appliance functionality. See testimonial section for client feedback on project.

  • Chicago Tribune

    Nothing is more important than mapping out complex applications before writing the first line of code. Ethervision helped the Chicago Tribune to help shape its mobile vision and present complex functionality in the simplest way to the end user. See testimonial section for client feedback.

  • DePaul University Enterprise Application

    Ethervision created an Enterprise iPad app for members of DePaul's staff so they always had the latest information at their fingertips wherever they may be.

  • RC Plane 2

    In late 2011, RC Plane 2 was the #1 overall ranked iPad and #5 ranked iPhone app, just ahead of Angry Birds. It was top 5 ranked overall in virtually every country in the world. The RC Plane and Heli franchises are developed and marketed with our long time partners Frozen Pepper. When it comes to developing in 3D and marketing apps, we move the needle.

  • Video Tips & Trick for iOS 7

    We developed & marketed iPhone Secrets in August '12 and it climbed to the #53 rank overall. The app is a good illustrations of our 3D capabilities and how we successfully launch apps right to the top. iPhone Secrets is the only Tips app that helps people understand iPhone and iPad using step-by-step video tutorials. It currently has a 4.5 star rating on the app store.

  • Aha Radio by Harman/Kardon

    Ethervision helps Harman/Kardon's Aha Radio market its iPhone and Android Apps. Ethervision has sent several hundred thousand people to Aha's app on both the App Store and Google Play through a smarting click tracking and redirect strategy. By harnessing our massive Twitter following, @iPhoneteam and other handles, we move the needle for apps like no other.

  • The Lock Up Digital Marketing

    Ethervision has been working with The Lock Up for three years, helping to significantly grow its new customer lead acquisition from online. Year after year online leads have grown considerably through ongoing: Search Engine Optimization; Pay-Per-Click Advertising; Social Media Management; Online Video creation and publication; Content Writing; Web Design and Mobile Web Design.

  • Worldbook

    The World Book World of Animals iPad application reached the #5 ranked app in Education Category in just 3 days. Ethervision developed the application to have a very intuitive app flow so parents and kids as young as 3 can easily navigate. It's a beautiful app for the whole family where you get lost watching videos, looking at pictures, playing games and learning facts about animals alive and extinct.

  • Scriblist

    Scriblist launched July '12 and was featured by Apple the very next day. Scriblist illustrates that the simplest, cleanest user interface is often the best. Scriblist reached the top 200 ranked overall and #4 in productivity. If you need to quickly annotate a picture or take a snapshot of your shopping list to scratch off at the grocery store, Scriblist is for you.

  • Braille Pad Pro

    Braille Pad Pro is a Grade 1 and Grade 2 Brailler complete with translation capabilities. It is best-in-class in the category and the only one of its kind. We have received huge accolades from several of the teaching schools across the world for Braille Pad Pro.

  • Federal Alliance for Safe Homes

    The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes helps people better understand how to keep their homes safe from tornadoes and hurricanes. A full, interactive exhibit is at Disney's Epcot Center in Florida. The iPhone and iPad app uses beautiful 3D and Gamification to help people understand the most critical elements in keeping a home secure.

  • RC Heli 2

    RC Heli 2 is our 2nd generation Radio Control 3D Heli game for both the iPhone and iPad. It was featured by Apple in over 70 countries and remains one of our most popular applications to date. RC Heli reached the top 200 overall in rank and was among the top ranked games. If you need complex 3D work done, look no further than Ethervision.

  • Lakai

    Ethervision created a unique iPhone app/mobile website hybrid solution for skateboard company, Lakai. The hybrid solution was seamlessly woven into Lakai's existing digital workflow so updates to their existing site would dynamically update on the app/mobile site. Apple featured the Lakai app a week after release. The Lakai app displayed images, videos and stories and was among the first hybrid apps ever made.

  • Twiji

    Twiji is a paid social networking app that claimed the #2 rank in it's category and #45 ranked overall. It's another example of our strong marketing capabilities. We move the needle on downloads.

  • Ladybug’s Bookshelf

    Ladybug's Bookshelf is a custom made engine for Interactive books & games. This was featured by Apple the day it launched and was the #1 ranked application in the Education category. Ladybug's bookshelf was one of the first apps to intertwine several application stories together where one story could launch another. Kids love Ladybug's Bookshelf.

  • Djay

    MARKETING. Ethervision has helped put 7 Applications in the top 100 ranked overall. We helped djay reach the top 10 ranked overall on both the iPhone and iPad! We know how to drive downloads. See our testimonial section to see what the President of Algoriddim and creator of djay, thinks of our work.

  • Simply Postcards

    Simply Postcards allows users to easily take pictures and send them out as physical postcards from the iPhone and iPad. Ethervision developed the application and handled all image handling, sever and payment elements. This application was featured by Apple in the photography category.

  • iPT

    iPT is an interactive application created for commercial real estate brokers in order to better show their buildings. Each building showcased floor plans, ammenities, a welcome video and more.

  • Earth Stories

    Earth Stories is an iPhone & iPad application for budding geologists. The application includes such advanced features as beautifully rotating fossils, 30 minutes of video & an interactive geologic column. If you are your kids wants to learn more about Geology, get this app.

  • Max and Kate

    Max & Kate is the 2nd set of interactive books for the Ladybug's Bookshelf. It was featured by Apple as one of the best Interactive Books on the App Store.

  • Ready, Set, Spot

    Ready, Set Spot is a dual binary (both iPhone and iPad) high IQ matching game for kids and parents. Try it on the harder levels and see if you stand a chance.

  • RC Plane Air Racer

    RC Plane was ranked #5 overall Globally on the iTunes App Store and was chosen as a “Staff Favorite” by Apple and Featured on iTunes home page in December 2009. It was among the first 3D games on the App Store and pushed the limits of the iPhone processor. Ethervision delivers cutting edge solutions to its clients.

  • WW Touch

    WWTouch was featured on the homepage of the iTunes app store shortly after the launch of the first iPad. WWTouch is a thinking man's strategy game. Think Risk or Axis and Allies. It was one of the first deep strategy games made for the iPad.

  • Skateropolis

    Skateropolis & Skateropolis Lite are social network skateboarding apps that map over 4,000 skateparks globally. Users can follow each other, post videos to their groups and skateparks, and chat in endless chat rooms. Skateropolis has been rated one of the Top 10 Skateboarding applications by about.com and several skate blogs. Skateropolis was the first social skateboard application ever built. Ethervision knows social media.

  • iSign

    iSign & iSign Lite were the first Sign Language Applications to hit the app store in fall of 2008. iSign has been featured by Apple on the front page of iTunes twice and remains one of the top selling applications within the signing community. iSign is a video phrasebook to learn over 800 signs.

  • Baby Sign

    Baby Sign ASL & Baby Sign ASL Lite are the market leader in baby signing apps. Baby Sign has been featured by Apple on the front page of iTunes twice in 2009 (December and February). It was ranked among the top education apps and it was the first app ever created to help children use and learn sign language to communicate.

  • RC Heli Gold

    RC Heli Gold was a top 15 racing app globally, has been featured in Apple Retail Stores all over the world both on devices and store display and was chosen by Apple as among the best Apps for Kids in the world. RC Heli Gold was featured in a "brick" at the very top of the App Store Homepage by Apple.

  • CoupSmart

    CoupSmart was an early entrant into the bar code scanning space. Ethervision developed the application with full bar code scanning functionality.

  • Piranha Pond

    Piranha Pond - Koi Frenzy is a humorous play on the popular app Koi Pond but in 3D! Shake the app, feed Koi to the Piranha. It was an early entrant into the 3D iPhone app space.

  • Puppy Jumper

    Puppy Jumper is a fun, 3D game for kids and families where your goal is to jump the dogs and collect the recycling in the town of Puppyville. While not a commercial success like most of our other applications, it's our first game back when the app store was in its infancy. Those were the days:)

  • Tell Time

    Tell Time was the first app to help teach kids how to tell time. Tell Time was Featured by Apple.

  • Animal Farm

    Our apps go back to day 1 of the app store. Other hits include: Animal Farm: Featured by Apple iToot; Afraid!; ABC Sign and more!