Chicago’s iOS Experts

Looking for a professional who is knowledgeable in iOS development?

Finding a good iOS developer in a city like Chicago might seem easy, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. But consider this tip: Evaluate true expertise by a combination of core values – experience, knowledge, work ethic, skill diversity, and project management ability.


You’ll find the team at Ethervision fits the bill.

We’ve developed apps using the iOS platform since Apple first welcomed third-party developers in 2008, enjoying success with both utility apps and game apps on iPhone and iPad devices.

The World Book World of Animals iPad application is one of our recent accomplishments, ranking #5 in the Education Category just three days after it went live. We’ve been honored by the 5-star feedback by users, most of them discerning parents who appreciate the benefit of a quality application.

Shortly after its launch, our RC Plane 2 game was ranked the #1 iPad and #2 iPhone app, just ahead of Angry Birds, in the UK and #13 overall in the US.

In other words, we know how to create a stellar application. The good news is you’ll also love working with us. Here’s why:

  • We make smart decisions. We don’t make many assumptions or neglect to ask questions. Your application is original, requiring an original solution. That’s our primary goal.
  • We love the iOS features as much as you do. From the pinch, swipe, and rotate features to the intuitive nature of the touchscreen, we are fascinated with the platform’s capabilities. You can trust we’ll make the best uses of these features in your application.
  • Your budget is important. When we take on your project, we’re committing to the mutually agreed upon budget and timeframe. We take that responsibility seriously. We’ll keep you updated with milestones, practice constant communication, and be up-front regarding necessary project changes.
  • We do our homework. Functionality is crucial, and your graphical features should be vibrant, modern, and eye-catching. There are many iOS developer tools available, and we know just how to apply them. We are constantly evaluating applications to identify best practices that we can apply to client products.

When all is said and done, we’ll drive the application to market. By then, you can be sure the app has been thoroughly tested and refined, and the best product has surfaced.

While the app’s quality will speak for itself, we’ll do some additional “speaking,” mounting a public relations effort that will attract attention to your product.

This is a process we’ve been executing since our team has been together. Join us on the journey. Let’s create a great app together.