A lot of companies out there claim to be very adept at search engine marketing and slap it into their list of many services.  The reality is that search engine marketing requires an intelligent strategy and then good, old fashioned elbow grease needed to implement this strategy consistently over the course of time.  In one year, we’ve increased the traffic and leads of an international self storage company 2x and 10x respectively.  Before we began, leads from the web accounted for only 7% of all leads.  18 months later, online leads now account for 36% of all leads.  We demystify this entire process for you and then we work hard to produce results.

5 Things You Must Know About Search Engine Optimization



      [spoiler title=”Google owns search” open=”1″ style=”1″ ]At any given time, they command about 66%+/- of all searches.  While many people complain and scream “monopoly”, we actually embrace Google’s dominance.  Here’s why. In the long run we know exactly what Google’s goal is: To give it’s users the best search results possible for any given search.  Period.  Knowing this, we take a smart, common sense approach to optimization of your brand.  While many companies try and game the current algorithm, we always look long-term and go high-road knowing that a good strategy and hard work over time produce results.[/spoiler]


      [spoiler title=”More than just optimization” open=”0″ style=”1″ ]Optimization of your website and social sites, both on page and within the code is an important place to start but it is not where you stop.  Preparing your website for very specific keywords and making the code as accessible to Google as possible is a must as you implement the other key elements of optimization.[/spoiler]


      [spoiler title=”Content is king” open=”0″ style=”1″ ]Many SEO firms in Chicago and all over the world try to game the system by stuffing a lot of keywords into pages, hoping they optimize well.  In the short run this may work.  In the long run, good content is king.  Well written, well shot (video) and well thought out content is critical to optimization.  Google bots know how to discern between good content and bad content and so do other people who will link to you.  Nothing is more important than quality content about your industry, company, key players, etc.[/spoiler]


      [spoiler title=”If content is king, link building is queen.” open=”0″ style=”1″]Link building refers to the art of getting links to your site from other respected web sites.  The only way to approach quality link building is through great content and by connecting with these sites on a personal level.  The more reputable sites that naturally link to you, the better your will be optimized.[/spoiler]


      [spoiler title=”The ongoing process” open=”0″ style=”1″ ]Optimization is an ongoing process and it reaps massive dividends over the course of years.  Optimization will help you greatly in the short run as well. But, the longer you do it, the more you are integrated into the great community that is literally is the world wide web.[/spoiler]