Mobile Application Strategy

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Ethervision has now developed over 185 applications.  All were written natively for each device.  Being one of the first app development companies in existence, we have experienced many success and many failures over the last 8 years. Because of both of these, we are able to help guide you from the very first phone call to a better app strategy and product overall.
Ethervision is a Mobile Development Company first and foremost.  We developed 3 of the first 50 apps for the launch of the iTunes App Store in July 2008 and have since gone on to have 27 apps featured by Apple and we have put 7 apps in the Top 50 Ranked Overall (out of over 1 million).  This includes the #1 ranked app in the world: RC Plane 2.  Our own apps have 15,000,000 downloads and counting!
We know firsthand what it takes to make a successful application both consumer facing or for the Enterprise.  Over the last 7 years, things have changed dramatically and we have refined our process considerably.  In this time, we’ve successfully marketed our own apps to the very top ranked of many categories and to the top of all apps.  We have tested every pay and promotion model out there and we are now helping other companies and developers plan and market their own apps.  Our experience and gray hair will save you time and money, focussing on the things that actually help move the needle.
We look at each app individually and we apply insights to help with usability, adoption and growth.  We also give you a very candid assessment of how we think your user interface, functionality and design of your app will do in the marketplace.

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It’s all about the process:

We love what we do and it shows in every application we develop for our clients.  We are a small development boutique and we make the process very discovery oriented and enjoyable.

Think of a great application like a really tight, concise poem rather than a long novel

People want to get in and out of your application fast, getting the exact information they need.  We help you plant that first stake for version 1.0 then we employ feedback controls to help show you where to take the application from there.

It’s all about the process.

Our Process: Click Here for more a more detailed process
  1.  Concept Overview Discussion and Ideation.
  2. Ethervision summarizes, asks thought provoking questions and shares some ideas.
  3. We give you a fixed bid ballpark estimate immediately so you know exactly what the investment will be.
  4. We detail all the functionality of the application in Wireframes which are like the blueprints for your app. (not necessary for smaller app concepts).
  5. Final fixed price estimate given for entire project from UI to development to submission.
  6. We set milestones for deliverables.
  7. Coding begins of the applications and cloud integration (if applicable).
  8. We are sending Beta versions of application all along the way for testing and refinement by your team.  This is where the collaboration and fun discovery happen.
  9. Final design is implemented.
  10. Quality Assurance Testing
  11. Submit Apps to app stores or distribute to your internal teams seamlessly.
  12. App Marketing
  13. Ongoing maintenance.