Ethervision has been developing mobile applications on the App Store since its inception in July 2008.  A majority of our development and marketing time iPhone iPad Strategygoes towards our own app portfolio and for our select list of clients.  Because we can no longer directly help out all the great entrepreneurial developers out there, we’re compiling an excellent set of resources for individual developers and small companies to give them the best possible edge.


Resources for Mobile Application Developers

  1. How To Make an App: 10 Steps to Making Your App a Reality
  2. Is That App Worth My Time? – Before you spend your hard earned money developing your strategy chartdream app, do your homework.  Find out the best ways to kick the tires on your own idea.  Your app will be better for it.
  3. How to Pick a Mobile Development Company – Picking a good company to develop your application can be a difficult process.  Use these tools and questions to separate the good dev company from the rest.
  4. Development Process – Every company has a different application development process.  Ethervision’s process is fairly unique and is tailored to rapid development and getting the best user experience possible.  Understanding our process will give you a much better general feel for what to expect with other development companies.
  5. Design Basics for iPhone and iPad – Designing for the iPhone and iPad isn’t terribly difficult for designers.  This guide will help a designer transition smoothly into app design.  Let’s start with the basics.
  6. App Marketing – I cannot stress enough how important it is to set aside time, thought and money for marketing your mobile application.  Learn how to really market your app and get downloads.
[spacer size=”15″] Let us know what other resources we can provide you to make your app development project a success and we’ll add it in.