The 10 best features in iOS 7

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it’s no secret that iOS 7 will debut September 10th, 2013.  Apple design guru himself, Jony Ive, is personally oversaw the the final construction of the iOS7 layout.  He did an amazing job with iOS 7.  He has simplified the entire iOS 7 interface and experience so you can do what you need to do faster without thinking.

With that, here are the…

Top 10 Features of iOS 7

10. Better Multi-Tasking – Multi-tasking just got a whole lot faster and easier.  Now, when you double-click the home button, all apps (including the one you are in) appear as big screens.  The last app you were in is now front-and-center so swapping between apps is lightning fast.  Better yet, closing apps that are not working well now just requires a swipe of the finger up.  No more tap and hold with wiggling icons.
9. Easier Battery Saving– Control Center has changed the game, putting all of your most used settings in an easy to access screen (swipe up from the bottom).  The best way to save battery life when you will be away from a charger for a while is to turn off bluetooth, Wifi and reduce screen brightness.  You can now do this all at once in under 5 seconds.  See 15 more battery saving tips here.
8.  Siri Search History – Siri now remembers questions that you already asked her.  To see your Siri search history, go into Siri and scroll up.  All her wisdom is now still there in iOS 7.
7. iTunes Radio– It’s completely integrated with your iTunes library.  Goodbye Pandora.  Nuff said.
6.  Better Safari – Safari in iOS7 just makes sense.  When you scroll down the page or are reading, all navs and buttons disappear. When you scroll up, they reappear.  Apple also put private browsing within the app in iOS 7 and the bookmarks bar is more intuitive.  It you thought you surfed the web a lot in iOS 6, be prepared to do it even more so in iOS 7.
control-center5. Flashlight – Goodbye flashlight apps. iOS 7 has a flashlight built right into the device and getting to it is fast and easy.  Swipe your thumb or finger up from the bottom of the device to show control center then tap the flashlight.  So sweet, so simple.  This works from the homepage as well.

4. Junk Email– Now you can finally send an email from your inbox right to the junk folder.  Just tap the flag in the bottom right corner of the email and chose “move to junk”.  Hazaah!.
3. Email Search – Searching for an Email in your iPhone Mail App went from terrible to near perfect.  When you search for an email, you just type in the person’s name, email or a keyword and Mail App will find it.  It’s about time on this one!

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2. Fast Camera Access – Let’s face it; we’ve all missed that perfect shot because we couldn’t get to the camera in time.  That has now changed.  From anywhere (in app, home-screen, lock screen) just swipe up from the bottom to activate control center, tap the camera then aim and click.  The new camera app will make you have the fastest draw around.
1. Block a Caller right from your device – You hear me right.  You can finally block any annoying caller or texter right from your device in 2 clicks.  Learn how to block a caller in iOS 7.

What are the best features you think we are missing?

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