Ethervision develops all Android applications natively.  In other words, we only write the code in Java.  We believe that applications written natively for each platform are far superior to compiled applications.

From consumer facing applications to Enterprise level applications for your business with full Cloud integration, Ethervision first works with your company to make its mobile vision and strategy airtight and then we start coding.  We deliver the best applications on budget and on time.  Always.

Ethervision takes the pain out of developing for the Android platform by applying the same thorough principles that have garnered us so much success on the iOS platform.  We believe in taking your complex vision and refining the application user interface (UI) so that it is entirely intuitive and enjoyable to use.


If your company is looking to develop your application both for Android and iOS, we generally will stagger development between the two platforms so that one of them is being tweaked and refined ahead of the other.  This saves companies time and money because we can perfect one platform first then apply all changes to the trailing application.


If your Android Application is server based, this also allows us to set up the database and then test thoroughly with the leading device.  Check out our portfolio of all natively developed applications and testimonials to see why Ethervision will be your strongest ally for your mobile vision.