Can Siri Give Me Directions Using Google Maps?  Yes!

Google Maps (iTunes Link) is finally back on the iPhone for iOS 6 and it is better than ever with phenomenal turn-by-turn directions .  For those who drive a lot, Siri comes in handy for simple hands-free driving.  While Apple Maps is decent, it’s certainly does not provide the quality of turn-by-turn directions that Google Maps does.  Well, there is a very simple way to get Siri to give you directions using Google Maps.  Here’s How:

Tell Siri “Directions to [Home; Nearest Coffee Shop; Gas Station; etc] via Transit.”  The via transit part is key.  It tells Siri to use a 3rd party app instead of Apple Maps to do the directions for you.  In the picture below we are asking Siri to give us direction to Apple headquarters.

Siri Directions Google Maps











Siri will then temporarily open Apple Maps and then pop to a new screen and will present you with a list of apps to choose from.
Google Maps Transit

Tap on the Route next to Google Maps and voila. Google Maps will open and you can do turn by turn directions.

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