Can Siri Give Me Directions Using Google Maps or Waze?  Yes!

2019 Update
Let’s face it, Waze and Google Maps have far superior turn-by-turn directions than Apple Maps.  For those who drive a lot, Siri comes in handy for simple hands-free driving.  While Apple Maps is decent, it’s certainly does not provide the quality of turn-by-turn directions that Google Maps does.  Well, there is a very simple way to get Siri to give you directions using Google Maps.  Here’s How:

Say to Siri
“Hey Siri, give me Directions To Wrigley Field (or wherever you want to go) “via Waze” or “via Google Maps”.

It used to be much more difficult to pull this off but now Siri will open the exact app you want to use without having to do all the old steps saying “via transit”.

Siri is finally getting smarter.

Siri Google Map Directions