A couple of weeks ago, Apple released the iPhone XR. Starting at $749, it is the cheapest option when choosing from Apple’s latest trio of phones. And honestly, it is the one you should buy.


Year after year, the bigger Plus-sized iPhones are the most popular models. They aren’t for everyone, that is for sure. But that is why Apple gives us options with our choices. The 6.1-inch iPhone XR falls in the middle of the 5.8-inch iPhone Xs and 6.5-inch iPhone Xs Max. If you want a big phone, here you go, the iPhone XR satisfies that requirement for you.


Apple is advertising that the XR will last an hour and a half longer than last year’s iPhone  8 Plus. Which before the XR, had the biggest battery out of all of the iPhones. Even with the monstrous size of the Xs Max, the XR should last longer due to it still having an LCD screen instead of the OLED screen. Also, the XR is a little thicker which could be due to having a larger-in-size battery. If you want/need the iPhone that will last you the longest, this is another reason to go pick-up the XR.


Plain and simple, the XR is the cheapest new iPhone this year. Now, remember, at $749, this thing is not “cheap”. Two years ago, the best iPhone, the 7 Plus, started at $749. But considering the next step up to the Xs is $999, you can save some money going with the XR. So, if you are on a budget, this thing still might be outside that. But, if you want all of the latest and greatest technology for $250 less than the Xs, the XR will suit your needs.


Following up on the price, please don’t think of this a cheaply-made iPhone. Yes, there are things Apple had to do to lower the cost of this phone, but trust me, this thing is a power-house. This phone has the exact same A12 Bionic chip that the iPhone Xs has. On paper, this phone is supposed to be 15% faster than last years $1000 iPhone X. If having the fastest phone is most important to you, save the $250 and get the XR rather than the Xs or Xs Max.


Having looked at the XR screen next to the Xs, you can definitely tell the difference between an LCD and OLED screen. Take them away, you will not miss the OLED screen that you find on the Xs. If you are coming from any iPhone other than a X, you are getting one of the best LCD screens on the market. Apple calls it their Liquid Retina Display. I don’t really know what that means other than it is a top of the line LCD panel.  If you have an iPhone X, you may notice the difference in screen quality over the first couple of days, but after a while, you won’t notice and it will be business as usual.


The Xr has the same camera as the Xs. For a phone that is $250 less, this is a great value. The only thing the Xs has more than the XR is a second camera. The second camera allows you to optically zoom 2X and enables you to take portrait photos of more than just people. But for what the XR camera is, you can’t beat it. You can still take the portrait mode photos with this camera. There is a caveat to that though. Since it only has a single camera lens, it can only focus on humans. If you try taking some artsy-background blurred-photos of your pets or coffee, it will not detect them. This could be a deal breaker for those people who are used to the dual camera on the 7 Plus, 8 Plus, or X. But if you want Apple’s best camera they have ever made, the single camera on the XR is just that.


The new colors are fun. If you choose to go with the iPhone XR, you get six colors to choose from: white, black, blue, yellow, coral and red. Like the iPhone 5C from years ago, having these six choices finally let you steer away from the normal (and sometimes boring) silver and space grey colors.

Apple really wants you to show off these colors because they did not release any of their original silicone or leather cases that they always release with their new phones. I can’t say I recommend not using a case on these phones, because the back of it is all glass, but it would be cool showing off the color that suits you best.

Who shouldn’t buy the XR

iPhone X users – If you have last year’s iPhone X, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading. You are getting a lesser quality display and losing that second camera. But even if you did upgrade, you are getting a faster phone and an amazing battery.

People who want the biggest screen – If you are someone who wants the biggest iPhone out there, go get the iPhone Xs Max.

People who want the smallest screen – If you have small hands and don’t want a tablet in your hand, look at the earlier iPhone 8 or iPhone Xs.

People who love their current phone – If you love your current phone, don’t feel pressured to upgrade quite yet. When it is time for you to upgrade to one of the iPhone X-series phones, you will fall in love. But if your current phone is getting things done, there is no reason to mess that up.

Bottom Line

I cannot recommend this phone enough. For the majority of users, the XR is MORE than enough phone for you. It has Apple’s latest processor-for lighting fast speed, Apple’s latest camera-for crisp photos, and the best battery that the iPhone has ever seen at the lowest cost you can buy a 2018 iPhone.

Go pick up the iPhone XR starting at $749!

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All images courtesy of Apple.com