Custom Analytics, Reporting and Strategy

Our Services

We work with companies to help them organize their existing data and setup new databases and metrics so Ethervision and our customers can analyze key data in real time and make decisions that directly impact the growth of the company or to simply processes and cut costs.  To you this will appear and beautiful, clean reports that operate in real time with many dials and controls to adjust dates and views.

 This is pivotal to all software development and marketing efforts we do over the long-term.  We’ll streamline your data and use it strategically to find the next best opportunity to improve your bottom line.

Real Time Reporting

Custom, Real-time Dashboard Reporting

Our reports are specific to your goals and metrics.  They look great and update in real-time.

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Big Data and Database Management

Big Data and Database Management

We’ll consolidate your data for you or create new databases to fit into your systems with the end result: clean data presented in a simple fashion.

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Analytics, Reporting and Strategy

Ongoing Analysis and Strategy

Live data allows us to spend our time strategizing where to grow your company next rather than compiling and reporting.

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Evolving Your Business

Continually Evolving Your Business

Experts in both tech and marketing, our analytics drive decision making.

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Why Choose Us

Let’s face it; Marketing companies are good at marketing but they outsource all their tech needs or they take off the shelf tech solutions and fit your company into that mold.  Tech companies are good at software development but are clueless about good marketing.  Ethervision is the fusion of tech and marketing and we have experts in both fields working hand-in-hand in house (try and say that fast 3 times:).

As such, Ethervision has an endless supply of tech and marketing tools under the hood to offer the best short and longterm solutions for all of our customers with big data at the core.  Because we are a software development company, we can take any data you already have and collect important new data then combine them for the ultimate KPIs that perfectly fits your business.

Cloud Servers

Database Monsters

We collect your existing data and create new streams to track.


Reporting Elegance

We take the data and make sense of it in attractive charts, graphs and tables.

Analyze and Strategize

Strategic Juggernauts

The data is real time and the strategic decision making becomes fun and easy.

Rachelle Wilhelm

Downunder Horsemanship

They helped us take a simple idea, which likely wouldn’t have gotten a lot of traction, and turned it into something that’s become the hub of our company. Ethervision’s been completely focused on customer service from day one, and their results speak for themselves.

horse trainer application development

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If you feel Ethervision would be a good fit for your project and needs, reach out to us. From the very first call you will see why our customers come back to us for more and more work.


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