Custom Dashboards, Analytics and Real-time Reporting

We Gather & Beautifully Display Custom Data Specific To Your Company Goals

Most companies have many databases that do many different things.  Often getting meaningful analysis out of the data takes manual labor and  spreadsheets.  We fix all that.  First we learn about your business and Key performance Indicators (KPIs) specific only to your products and services.  We then see what data is already available in your company.  We then create visually stunning reports that illustrate performance over time.  The reports a real-time and dynamic, meaning that you can change dates and filter fields to get exactly the information you need.

Custom Analytics for Your Company

Our Process

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research We sit down with your company and learn about your business, customers, roadblocks and goals and the most important metrics that drive decisions in your business.
custom reporting We then set up custom reporting based on one or many databases and analytics feeds.
report design All reports are visually stunning so that the key information shines right through.
client access to custom reporting Clients have full access to our custom reporting and often find it useful for their everyday decision making.
real-time reporting Real-time reporting means intelligent, fast decision making for our marketing efforts and our client’s day-to-day running of the company.

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left quotation mark They helped us take a simple idea, which likely wouldn’t have gotten a lot of traction, and turned it into something that’s become the hub of our company. Ethervision’s been completely focused on customer service from day one, and their results speak for themselves.

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