Now that Apple’s “Hype Machine” has died down over the latest iPhone release, it is starting to ramp up again for the release of the Apple Watch that was shown near the end of their kick off presentation and briefly demonstrated.

However, many experts feel that Apple missed the boat and releasing the Apple Watch in 2015 may be a dud or worse ill conceived.

Galaxy Gear will hold the lion’s share of the market.
Galaxy Gear is already on the market and will have a full 2 years to make a niche for itself in the market place. Apple is already taking hits in the press and in Samsung’s advertising as the iPhone 6 is a “me too” product that is a virtual copy of their earlier released Galaxy Note 4 SmartPhone.

They are already gearing up to do the same to the Apple Watch that will be released a year later that the iPhone 6. This means that Apple has a long uphill battle to gain market dominance.

Other companies will have their products out as well
COIN hopes to compete with the Apple Watch’s ability to pay bills and act like a credit card.
This small device, about the size of a regular credit card, can store all of your credit cards and other payment instruments in one place. COIN is much more convenient to use than the iPhone 6/Apple Watch combination which Apple envisions taking on ePayment giant PayPal.

This product too is currently on the market today and is already making inroads on the ePayment market Apple has hoped to gobble up.
Other companies are in direct competition as well in the wearable tech arena.
We have not heard much about the Google Glass product that if partnered with any of the SmartPhone manufacturers could totally change the SmartPhone landscape in a manner that Apple cannot control. Virtual reality combined with SmartPhones would let you walk into your virtual bank, do your banking, and open a new world of Social Media similar to that has happened in Asia with WeChat, which was also unexpected.

Security of iCloud is in Question
Already the flagship features of iCloud, which Apple has bet its entire integration of iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch sharing and integration on has been marred in multiple hacking incidents. These hacks have put into question the whole idea of storing your personal information in the cloud.

The Apple Watch is geared just to do that as it can be used like a credit card for use with ePayments and it collects and has your health statistics and uploads them to your iPhone which stores them where?

This a critical possibility, which seems to have been ignored in the media lately and seems to have jumped on the Apple bandwagon and is singing praises to the new products to come in 2015 of which the Apple Watch is one.

What’s the bottom line?
The Apple Watch will be released in 2015. This will be after other competing products have been or are being released in 2014.
Will this make the Apple Watch just another play toy with no practical value?

Experts are also concerned that without proper safeguards, too much vital information combined with inadequate security, or hacking will allow that vital personal information to be released under the right circumstances, information that can affect your job security, medical coverage, and life insurance premiums.

This personal information, which is gathered by the Apple Watch, whether by accident or design, could be easily released to the internet, after it hits the streets in 2015.