11/4/14 Update: There will be new Emoji in Mid 2015.

According to the Unicode Consortium, there will be new emoji by summer 2015.  Their ultimate goal is to allow users to change the color of the human emoji to one of many different colors.  Users will be able to alter the colors of the emoji to many different skin tones.  You will even be able to modify emoji images of couples separately so you can show more accurate mixed gender groupings.
So, Apple will most likely release new emoji then with iOS 9 in 2015.  In the meantime, we’ll just have to live with using our current set of racially un-diverse emoji.
9/14/14: UPDATE: Does iOS 8 have new Emoji? Nnnoooooooooo!!!
Apple will NOT introduce 350 new Emoji!  See below which one we know will show up!!! New iOS operating systems are great but, let’s be honest, all we really care about is getting new Emoji with our new iOS.  What has long been missing are ethnically diverse emoji that more accurately reflect the people on this planet.  All of the current emoji people are Caucasian or Japanese.  A large part of this is due to the fact that emoji originated in Japan.
Katie Cotton, Apple’s VP of Global Corporate Communications just announced that Apple will be working with the Unicode Consortium to add more diverse emoji. In her words,

It is confirmed.  The Middle Finger Emoji will show up in iOS 8!


Post in the comments below what emoji you would love to see in iOS 8