15 12, 2018

Review – [Fuse]Chicken Gravity Lift – Wireless Charger

Over the past month, I have been testing out the Gravity Lift wireless charger from the company Chicken. I have never used their products before but after using this […]

12 11, 2018

The iPhone XR Should Be Your Next iPhone

A couple of weeks ago, Apple released the iPhone XR. Starting at $749, it is the cheapest option when choosing from Apple’s latest trio of phones. And honestly, it is the […]

12 06, 2018

Parental Controls in iOS 12

Parental Controls in iOS 12
Among the slew of new features coming to our new devices, Apple is addressing the ongoing social issue of whether or not we spend too much […]

23 10, 2017

6 Reasons to Buy the iPhone X

In just a few days, the pre-orders will begin for Apple’s premium device, the iPhone X (ten).  Some of you may be waiting on the iPhone X, some of you […]

27 08, 2017

2017 iPhone

What to Expect from the 2017 iPhone
What does Apple have in store for us for the new iPhone coming out September 2017?  We do not want to put a title […]

9 09, 2015

Everything you need to know about iPhone 6s

Here is everything you need to know about the iPhone 6s
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30 10, 2014

Introducing The Apple Watch

The future of wearable technology made its debut during the release of the iPhone 6 the other day and the world finally had its first look at the Apple Watch, […]

28 10, 2014

iPhone Apps That Will Hog Your Data

It is not very common in this day and age to have an unlimited data plan, unless you were “grandfathered in” or you use one of the very few cellular […]

2 10, 2014

What Apps Should You Download to Get The Most From iOS 8?

The recent iOS 8 update has a lot of people raving about the new features that are available to their iPhones and iPads. System updates allow for a variety of […]

17 09, 2014

Apple Swift Programming Language Great for Native Apps

What makes Apple’s Swift Programming language so great?

Apple’s Swift programming language is its newest entry into the programming arena.  If you are developing an iPhone or iPad application for your […]