The recent iOS 8 update has a lot of people raving about the new features that are available to their iPhones and iPads. System updates allow for a variety of apps to update their feature capabilities. This is great for us. We are supplied with app features that we never thought were possible and a plethora of app capabilities to keep us entertained. Let’s keep the updates coming and see how many more features our phones are capable of. There are a few apps that will ensure that you get the best use out of your device. While these are only a few suggestions, you may feel more adventurous afterwards and begin searching for your own favorite apps that have taken full advantage of the iOS update.
A great productivity app has been improved with the iOS update. Interactive notifications will now appear in the notification center that allow you to view and manage your tasks without having to open the app. Popular features of this app include list making and separating your personal tasks from work tasks. Staying on top of your schedule will seem like a breeze with all of the features of this amazing productivity app.
This popular cloud storage application has a variety of new features that have increased the amount of tasks that can be accomplished via the app. You have always been able to store important documents, pictures, and data safely online, but now you are able to access your box content from other applications. Allowing interactions between apps is such a cool, new feature!
“Read it later” apps have become increasingly popular in today’s busy world. We do not always have the time to read articles that interest us. Just save them for later. Pocket’s new features now allow for articles to be sent and shared with other apps such as twitter and Evernote. It also is far ahead of its time by giving user the ability to switch devices without losing their place. Stay up-to-date by downloading this popular app.
Do you have issues remembering the many passwords to your different accounts? 1Password is a terrific app that manages and remembers the variety of passwords on your smartphone. This app allows access to all accounts on your device by just remembering one password. Strong and unique passwords are created by 1Password and saved in a secure locker. The iOS 8 update has added a cool feature to this app, allowing the support of Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner grants access to user by fingerprint. Passwords are wonderful for keeping people out of your accounts, but can be so time consuming to type again and again. 1Password handles all your needs in one simple swoop!
Handling your personal finances just got a little bit easier. The iOS update has given’s personal finance app the ability to gain support of the Apple Touch ID. Now making it faster than ever to make purchases and check your balance.