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5 02, 2020

How To Avoid GMB Listing Has Been Suspended – 2020


How to Avoid Your Google My Business Listing from "Your listing Has been suspended. Learn more." message. As of November of 2019, Google is clamping down hard on all the [...]

How To Avoid GMB Listing Has Been Suspended – 20202020-02-05T12:24:39-06:00
18 12, 2009

Ethervision Quoted in Shore Magazine Article


Shore Magazine just came out with a feature article "2009 Year in Review" written by Rick Kaempfer. The article is about how Twitter, Facebook and iPhone apps (among other things) [...]

Ethervision Quoted in Shore Magazine Article2018-12-19T11:13:18-06:00
3 12, 2009

LinkedIn Social Business Improving Steadily


I have been on LinkedIn since the early days.  Like most of us, I keep an account and accept requests from friends and colleagues to connect.  Going a bit beyond [...]

LinkedIn Social Business Improving Steadily2018-12-19T11:13:19-06:00
6 05, 2008

Page Rank and Link Farms


Conclusion: Never ever link to a site you know nothing about. I have been doing a lot of homework on how to best take advantage of one-way links and reciprocal [...]

Page Rank and Link Farms2018-12-19T11:13:19-06:00
22 04, 2008

Blended Search is on the Rise


Blended search is the term used to define Google (or Yahoo) searches that return multi-media within the results. For example if you search for the Chicago Bears in a Google [...]

Blended Search is on the Rise2018-12-19T11:13:20-06:00
7 03, 2008

Marketing Tips for YouTube Pages


Marketing your YouTube channels page is a major factor in effective viral video messaging. The more I dive into web video, the more I realize how important it is for [...]

Marketing Tips for YouTube Pages2018-12-19T11:13:20-06:00
27 02, 2008

Barriers of Entry Gone for Good Content


I have to say, the world is truly a beautiful place when the barriers of entry for content producers has been reduced to almost nil. All you need is passion, [...]

Barriers of Entry Gone for Good Content2008-02-27T04:35:19-06:00
22 02, 2008

SEO Practices Demystified


Search engine optimization is definitely a moving target but the great thing about it is that it makes sense. Sure Google might continue tweaking and refining the algorithms to the [...]

SEO Practices Demystified2008-02-22T20:53:23-06:00
15 02, 2008

Getting the right thumbnail on YouTube


9/14/11 UPDATE: Getting the right thumbnail on youtube is certainly different than it used to be.  Youtube no longer picks exact frames within your video.  Instead they choose a random [...]

Getting the right thumbnail on YouTube2018-12-19T11:13:22-06:00