Image Blend Pro for iPhone

Video Tutorials

Watch General Video Tutorial  This video gives an overview of all the general features of Image Blend Pro. We use the example from Screenshot #1 in the App Store of how to easily blend a dog into a fuzzy pillow.

Image Blender Pro has 3 very unique blending filters: Earth, Water & Fire.  Each blends images together in different ways.  To learn more about how each filter works, click on the icon to watch the video tutorial.


Click to Watch Tutorial


Click to Watch Tutorial


Click to Watch Tutorial

Earth Filter Best Blend Uses

  • Merge two solid objects like an apple and a baseball
  • Put a person or animal in another picture (make sure to get very detailed with your foreground mask).
  • Cover your mouth and put your mouth or eyes on top of hand
  • football paired with lemon

Water Filter Best Blend Uses

  • Foreground object takes on lighting characteristics of background image
  • Great for putting someone in air or water
  • Swan reflection on kitchen table
  • Girl with shadow in eye
  • Dogs and babies in bubbles
  • and many more

Fire Filter Best Blend Uses

  • Foreground image takes on textures of background
  • Like a projection or hologram on the wall
  • Think your face on a brick wall where it looks like your skin is made of brick
  • Fire flame in eyeball
  • Face blended into moon surface
  • any many, many more.

Use our gallery images to get the hang of the filters then use your own images and make super cool stuff.  Tag the images #imageblend on instagram and twitter so we can single out the best ones.  Enjoy!

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