One of the more fascinating additions to the iPhone recently is the case that lets you see through walls. This case modifies the iPhone’s camera so that it can pick up on heat signatures.

Infrared radiation emanates from other people, animals and objects all by itself without the need for light to bounce off it first. As a result, someone who uses this infrared case could use it to see through walls.

You’d be able to see the heat signature of someone standing on the other side of a wall even though you wouldn’t be interacting with visible light. Instead, the case would be converting the IR emanations into visible light for you.

This case could also be used for a number of other applications as well. For example, you could use it to tell how someone is feeling. If you look at them through the case and they look a lot hotter than other people do under the IR setting, this can have various different meanings.

For example, it could mean that they are sick or getting sick. It could also mean that they are under stress due to lying or for some other reason. If they have been exercising a lot it could mean that they are hotter from exertion.

One of these cases is called the FLIR One for the iPhone 5 or 5S. It has two cameras side by side in order to get the effect. One of them is VGA and the other is an infrared camera. The case has a 1400 mAh battery built right into it to make life easier.

Beyond using the case to look through walls or study what’s going on with individual people, you can also use the case to hunt for ghosts. Many people use infrared goggles to pick up on the signatures of heat in the air around us. Many people think that this heat signature could correspond to a ghostly or spiritual entity that could be otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

A final potential use for the camera is to see in the dark. Because people are constantly giving off heat in the form of infrared, this means that you can detect this light even if no other light is hitting an object. As a result, you could see information about an area in terms of heat signatures even if no other light from the object is visible.

Of course, you can also check on the status of anything that gives off heat where knowing how much heat it has would be useful. For example, the device could help you tell whether an animal was alive or dead where it was lying on the ground. Dead animals give off far less heat than animals that are still alive do and they will look less reddish under the IR camera. You could also tell how recently an animal had died based on how much heat they are giving off.

This device has a wide variety of uses and makes for an exciting piece of technology for iPhone users. How you choose to take advantage of it is up to you but with a hefty price tag you might want to be sure you will get your value from this potentially brilliant bit of tech.