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Block Telemarketers from Calling your iPhone

Block Telemarketers iPhoneBlock a Telemarketer from calling your iPhone

In late May 2015, Telemarketers may gain access and begin calling all mobile phone numbers including your iPhone.  You need to block telemarketers from calling your iPhone immediately.  It’s a completely free service that is handled by the United States Trade Commission.

It is called the Do Not Call Registry and blocks telemarketers from calling a phone.  You then have to renew the Do-Not-Call block before then.  Remember, it takes 31 days for your iPhone to be added so add it as soon as you can.

2 Ways to Add Your iPhone to Do Not Call Registry:

  1. By Website: Go to the Do Not Call Registry for iPhone on the Trade Commission’s website to register up to 3 phones.
    • You have to give them your email so that they can confirm your request to be put on the Do Not Call Registry
    • Important: Make sure to click the confirmation button in the email you get.
  2. By Phone: Click to Call Here from your iPhone you want to add to the Do Not Call Registry list
    • Hit “1” for English (2 for Espanol I believe)
    • Hit “1” Again
    • Enter your full 10 digit number with area code included

How to File a Complaint

If a company will not leave you alone with sales calls then you can file a complaint here.  Remember that charities, surveys and politicians can still call you.  That last one is just plain terrible but that’s the law.

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