It is not very common in this day and age to have an unlimited data plan, unless you were “grandfathered in” or you use one of the very few cellular companies that still offer unlimited data. Most smartphone users are not that lucky and therefore have to watch how much data they use to avoid going over the limit, in turn being charged a hefty fee. There are many apps that we use at all times of the day away from the comforts of Wi-Fi. This can be worrisome and therefore we need to be aware of what types of apps will hog the data of our phones. It may mean the difference in overpaying for data services.
Video Streaming
Watching videos is a daily occurrence for some, whether on Netflix, Hulu Plus, or YouTube. This is a serious amount of data usage that could be avoided by waiting to watch them until you are in a Wi-Fi safe haven. Watching 10 minutes of YouTube videos per day can easily use 1GB of data in a month. High-definition videos can do worse damage by doubling the amount of data being used. YouTube isn’t such a worry though when you think of the damage that can be done by watching full length movies on Netflix.
If you are a music lover and can’t seem to part ways with your music apps while you are away from Wi-Fi, then you should be aware of the apps that will hog your data. Music apps such as Pandora and Spotify are very convenient in offering a wide variety of music at no cost, but they will easily use a lot of data if they are always being run. Listening to Pandora for an hour every day for a month will rack up your data usage.
Detailed graphics and online multiplayer modes may seem like pluses to game users but can be a big no-no in the eyes of the consumer who has to pay the phone bill at the end of the month. Downloading games should definitely be saved for at home. They are huge data hogs that can be easily avoided.
Video Chatting
If you frequently use video chatting apps then it may be wise for you to keep reading. The comparison of Skype and Google+ Hangouts has revealed that Skype uses less data in a two minute time period. That is good information to know!
Social Media
It seems like everyone is focused on social media nowadays. Whether you are trying to make your video go viral or check up on your long lost friends, social media is popular and therefore uses a lot of data on our smartphones. A smart solution to this issue is transferring pictures to the computer and uploading them from there or setting your phone camera to a lower resolution. It may not be convenient, but if you are close to going over your limit it could save you a few extra dollars.