Starting today, you can pre order your iPhone 4 for pickup or delivery on June 24th.  If you have tried to upgrade your iPhone 4 through the Apple or ATT web site, you have most likely run into an eternally loading screen trying to verify your ATT customer info.

I think we can safely say that ATT dropped the ball here and that they can’t handle the volume.  As a side note…what a joke.  Come on ATT.  Stop blowing for once.  You are the root of every iPhone owner’s woes.  This holds quadrupally true in Chicago, where your 3G reception is almost non-existent.  There, I feel better.

I found a back door way to reserve your iPhone 4.  Download the Apple Store App on your iPhone.  Click Reserve Your  iPhone 4.  Fill out your account info and voila!  You just saved yourself countless hours of trying to have ATT unsuccessfully process your account info.
The only catch here is that you have to go pick your new iPhone 4 up at an Apple Retail Store.  So, for those of you near an Apple Store.  Well done.  For those not close, gas up that tank or wait a day or two for ATT to fix the issue.