iOS 8 Continuity Overview

One of the most popular features of Apple products is how well they work together. This is a feature that continues with iOS 8 and the inclusion of OS X Yosemite means that all devices that you own will now work better together than ever before without requiring any syncing or other input from you.

People have been able to send iMessages from their iPads to other Apple users for a while now, but with iOS 8 you can use any Apple device to send SMS and MMS text messages to their contacts regardless of what type of phone they are using. If you are working on your Mac then you can have a conversation with friends without having to move from your desk. It is also makes it much easier to send photos or other media that are stored on the Mac.

Phone calls can now also be made and received from your iPad or Mac as long as they are running from the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone. Incoming calls will be shown with the name and profile picture of the caller, just as they would on your iPhone and you have the same options to answer or ignore the call, or to respond with a message. If you are near to your iPad or Mac when your phone rings in the bottom of your bag, there will no longer be any need to frantically scramble through your bag to try and answer before it stops ringing. One click is all that will be needed on your iPad or Mac to deal with the phone call.

iOS 8 Handoff

The most important feature that will be introduced as part of iOS 8 is Handoff. This will allow you to pick up where you left off on one device, straight onto another. For example, you can start writing an email on your iPhone when you are out of the office and then finish from your Mac when you are back at your desk. The web pages that you view on one device will be ready and waiting on the other device, which can save time in finding the exact same link over again. Most apps will work with Handoff including Mail, Safari, Messages and Contacts. Handoff will work automatically when all your devices are signed into your iCloud account. It has been expected that iOS 8 will make more use of the increased capabilities of cloud technology and Handoff is one way that this has been put to use, enabling all of your devices to stay connected and to be used interchangeably.

With the additional levels of continuity that will be available with iOS 8, people will find it much easier to use all their Apple devices together for business and entertainment purposes. When it is released in the fall it has the potential to increase the productivity of all employees that are working across a number of Apple devices. In social terms, people will find it easier than ever to connect and share things with their friends, whichever device they are using at the time, making life even easier for Apple users everywhere.