Unbreakable iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Screen?

One of the things I hate is when I drop my cell phone or it falls out of my pocket. It invariably falls face first and I end up with a cracked screen. That’s why I got so excited when I heard the news coming out of Apple the other day when the rumors started flying about an unbreakable screen. Let’s take a look at what the rumor mills are churning out.

Samsung tried it first in 2013
Apple is not the first with the idea. Samsung beat Apple to the punch in 2013. But, since I am not too enchanted with Korean products, I wasn’t too excited. Samsung setup to get away from glass screen technology and as far as I can discover their results were a far cry from what many others and I want.

My dream is for a cell phone that will bounce back into my hand like a rubber ball and be totally undamaged. Barring that happy future, I will settle for a Sapphire screen. Which is one of the hardest materials around and Apple is going to have it.

Apple is already using laser cut Sapphire crystal in the iPhone 5s
The iPhone 5s has a sensor for its Touch ID fingerprint sensor. So the next step with going to a full screen is not that great a leap in technology. This one little feature could same millions for the company in warranty work alone. Thousands of iPhones get dropped all over the world each day. I have watched it happen many times, while commuting to work every day on the train and bus. Not a day goes by when I don’t hear some snatch of profanity after hearing that characteristic clunk and cracking sound.

Apple’s Stock is poised to take a gigantic leap
The mere rumor that is circulating around in the last few weeks has got the Wall Street Analysts in an uproar as they are having to reevaluate Apples stock as speculators are already driving Apples stock prices in anticipation of the official Announcement.
Some people have reported actually seeing one such screen during a tour of one of the Asian suppliers to Apple and this screen, while not on any iPhone was demonstrated to be pretty much a dream come true for hard suffering iPhone users.
Hitting it with a hammer didn’t chip or crack it. The one people were able to look at was in Shenzhen, near where the major assembly work for Apple products, manufactured at the 500,000 worker Gigafactory owned by Foxconn. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to see the writing is on the wall.

So when will the Announcement come out?
The official word is being kept under wraps for now. But, with the expectations surrounding this technology, if Apples doesn’t do it soon, one of the other brands will! If Apple doesn’t come through the estimates are that within 1 year all cell phones will be going with this technology. So, If Apple wants to get the jump on the market it will have to be soon. Just to wet your whistle here is a video of a demonstration similar to the one in Shenzhen. If this doesn’t convince you of the future of Sapphire Screens, nothing will.

Do you want an unbreakable screen or should one of your accident prone friends get one? Tell us in the comments below.