Passcode Lock54% of iPhone Users Use Passcode Lock

It is no question that your iPhone has surpassed both your wallet and your keys and the thing you just don’t want to lose.  Sure, making new keys and canceling all your credits cards is a pain, but losing all the private pictures and on your iPhone is cringe-worthy.  Not to mention the fact that you will have to shell out a lot of money out-of contract for a new one.  If you’ve ever had an iPhone stolen like I have, it’s hard to even fathom not passcode locking your iDevice.

As of the day of the launch of the iPhone 5s, were are surprised to find that only 54% of iPhone users passcode lock their devices.  With the 5s jumping off the shelves, we expect the number of people using passcode locks with their fingers using Touch ID to increase the overall number drastically. See the live stats from our Twitter feed how evenly divided people are about locking their devices.

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