We may see that Samsung has unveiled its Galaxy Gear to coincide with its Note 3 release. However, I was not so favorably impressed. We may have to wait until October for Apple’s next big move in the battle of dominance in the markets. But, already the pre-release materials and rumor mill already has Apple ahead in the game.

Features, Function, Benefit
This has been my credo ever since I became interested in technology and gadgets. I apply this to any product I look at or intend to buy for family, friends or myself now as well, the Galaxy screams afterthought, not as a well-designed, functional and useful item. While Apple is using a subtle strategy to leverage market share and the iWatch may tip the balance of power.

Apple’s Trick
You may not have noticed this, but those in the know who have watched Apple over the years; Apple has followed a pattern of letting the other guy make the first move by laying their cards on the table first and then trumping them. They can do this because of their secret weapon in Asia, the 500,000 worker Foxconn Gigafactory that can product any product almost immediately once they have the design Specs.

What The iWatch is rumored to have going for it
By spreading rumors, Apple gets valuable information on the market. They gauge the customer response and see how the real sales stack up on the competing product. This allows them to release a product that beats the competition and meets the customer’s expectations as well as those of Wall Street. Let’s look at some information that has surfaced as a result that already has surfaced.

  • Gear is a companion product for the Note 3
  • iPhone 6 and the iWatch can work together
  • However, the iWatch is a stand-alone product with its own functionality which will introduce a whole new wave of apps from mobile development companies.
  • Ergonomics is the key to the iWatch with a curved screen that follows the contours of the wrist.
  • Wrist straps designed for comfort, by Nike Fitness expert Jay Blahnik.
  • This means you’ll wear it every day like a normal wristwatch.
  • The pricing model at between $150 and $230 dollars puts it in the reach of sports enthusiasts and those who are into fitness, which hints at some of the health and fitness applications of the device.
  • These factors alone have fuel estimates of a 60 to 70 million unit initial sales.

We have not even got to any of the actual features yet! These simple elements just mentioned can sell a product before it even exists in its final form.

Actual, Factual and Rumor
These are some of the real Specs:

  • 1.5 inch screen curved screen instead of a 1.6 inch flat one for the Galaxy Gear
  • 100mAH battery vs. 24 hour for the Gear
  • Full OS against a stripped down featured one for the Galaxy Gear
  • Rumored Release October
  • All analysts’ reports (Financial/ Technical) expect shelves to be cleared of the initial run in record time after release.
  • Christmas Shoppers are the obvious target market for this rollout and pricing model.

Apple is letting Samsung take the brunt of the market forces, while collecting valuable marketing data, customer feedback and finding out what the public wants. Using their ability to leverage Gigafactories in Asia that have high-speed turnaround with massive output, Apple can use this strategy to its advantage. Other companies haven’t caught onto this trick yet. With current technology, you need only come up with a Spec-Sheet and it can go from design to product in a fantastically short period of time.
What the future holds for the iWatch? All the fortunetellers in the Trade Press, Tech arena and Wall Street all say it will be the golden one.