Our third and final entry right now for the micro-blogging category is Google owned Jaiku.  Stay tuned in a few weeks for an interactive web page that summarizes all of our findings in a user friendly format.a.    What is Jaiku? Jaiku is a micro-blogging service similar to Twitter that was recently purchased by Google.b. How can Jaiku be useful to me or my business?  Jaiku can be very useful in sharing timely information.  Companies could take advantage of Pownce by:i. Sharing new product launch info by means of file download or web links.ii. Announcing upcoming events, coupons or special offers, or web site updates.iii. Reminding fans when a new show will premiere.e. Jaiku Bottom Line: Jaiku is small and the audience is declining rapidly.  Unless Jaiku makes a big turnaround don’t bother at this point.