Neural Network Applications for Business

Neural networks are a unique class of code structure that can help solve problems for your business that are otherwise unapproachable.
Ethervision can design neural network solutions to solve a myriad of problems. Neural networks are computational models that are capable of pattern recognition and ultimately abstraction of new data.

The important feature of neural networks and evolutionary programming is that they are capable of finding solutions for which the driving functions are unknown. As an example: What formula would you use to evaluate the strength of a position on a checkerboard? This is unknown. People have utilized a neural network that self evolved to create a world champion level checkers player.

The real strength of a neural network is its ability to interpret and extrapolate information beyond it’s training. A theoretical example would be to have machine learning look at different paintings and determine the painter of an unknown work.

The applications for neural networks helping your business and business systems are endless. Some applicable solutions are:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Computer Vision
  • Speech Recognition
  • OCR
  • Pattern Recognition on Data Trends
  • Identification of orphaned bags in an airport
  • Tracking of cargo in truck transit stations
  • Flagging anomalous spending behavior for a credit card company
  • Recommendation engines for products and movies for companies like Amazon and Netflix
  • Plagiarism detection in written reports and papers
  • Identify author of unknown notes or writings
  • Figure out exactly where someone is from based on slang, accent and word usage

In essence, we will help you find the right solution to your complex problem. Our solutions range from handset hosted to scalable cloud computing with simple front-end elements on the iPhone, iPad or Android devices. In other words we develop smart software and applications to help your profitability. Reach out to us today to learn more.