Even though the iPhone 6 has not had its release date confirmed yet, speculation is already growing about the features that will be on the handset that follows it. If Apple follow the tradition that has been in place since the iPhone 4, then it is likely that the follow up to the iPhone 6 will be named the 6S. This handset will probably not be released until at least 2015.
Rumors of anti-theft software that recognizes the behavior of its owner and can then identify whether it is the owner that is currently using the phone being present on the iPhone 6S may not come to anything. This is due to the fact that there was no announcement about this type of software being available on iOS8, which the iPhone 6S will almost certainly be using.
Despite rumors about two iPhones being released in 2014, a 4.7 and a 5.5 inch screen model, it is expected that the screen size of the iPhone 6S will be 4.7 inches. This is widely believed to be the optimum screen size in terms of being user friendly and so is likely to be the preferred option. It is also possible that Apple will wait to gauge the reaction they get to the different screen sizes that are used for the 6 before making a final decision about which size will be used for the 6S.
The debate about the material that is used for the screen also seems to have been extended to the iPhone 6S. If sapphire glass is not used for the iPhone 6 then it may first appear on the 6S. Many experts believe that this glass will soon be used for the screen of an iPhone but there are rumors of problems with the production which may set the plans back. Sapphire glass is currently used on the iPhone 5S as part of the Touch ID system and also as the cover for the rear camera. It has the advantage of being virtually scratch proof and will make the phones much more durable.
There are also rumors that the entire phone may be made from fused glass which will turn the complete surface of the phone into a giant touchscreen, with no seams or bevels on the phone at all. However, this is unlikely to be something that is seen before the introduction of sapphire glass and so if it ever does transpire it will probably be on a handset that is released much further down the line. There are practical issues that need to be addressed regarding having the whole handset as a touchscreen before this feature is launched.
It is always expected that improvements will be made to certain features of each new model of iPhone including the camera, battery life and the power of the processor, and the iPhone 6S is no exception to this. Continual research is being carried out into making the battery last longer as this is one of the main issues that users have with iPhones. There are rumors that the iPhone 6S could be the first iPhone to feature a 10 megapixel camera.
With the release of the iPhone 6S not being expected until at least 2015, there is still more time for speculation to grow about all the features that it will include. This will more than likely be fuelled by the release of the iPhone 6 as people begin to talk about the features that they would have expected to see on this phone that perhaps are not there. As Apple always keep things close to their chest then an end to these rumors is not likely to occur for a while yet.