Now that the iPad has been in my hands for 2 months, I’ve incorporated it into my lifestyle quite nicely. The iPad serves best as a kitchen computer allowing you to check your e-mail, the weather and the latest news with just a few swipes.

Weather HD iPad Application

developed by Vimov, LLC

The iPad application I get the most use out of is Weather HD.  It’s a simple app with a great concept.  Show people the 7 day weather forecast while displaying beautiful HD video animations of nature.  If thunderstorms are predicted, you get cool droplets of rain falling down from the perspective of the cloud.  Being from Chicago, I’ve come across that animation quite a bit lately.

It it is cloudy and dusk the iPad app will show you a nice picture of the moon illuminated by the last bits of the sun.  Fantastic.

Hats off to independent iPhone developer Vimov, LLC for constantly updating the app, making it better and better.