Ethervision is going to spend the next few weeks top-lining as many social networking definitions as possible.  In a week or two keep your eyes out for a very user-friendly web page that consolidates all of this information so you can refer to it when need be.

Today, we look at Pownce:

a. What is Pownce? Pownce is a micro-blogging service similar to Twitter except that you can also share files, event invites and links with established friends.

b. How can Pownce be useful to me or my business?  Powncing can be very useful in sharing timely information.  Companies could take advantage of Pownce by:
i. Sharing new product launch info by means of file download or web links.
ii. Announcing upcoming events, coupons or special offers, or web site updates.
iii. Reminding fans when a new show will premiere.

c. Pownce Bottom Line: Pownce is still small and struggling to find a stable user base but it takes Twitter functionality to another level.  In the short-run, it doesn’t have the user base to pour a lot of efforts into but it’s technology is promising and is growing in the right direction.

To learn more check out their web site.