It is always a pleasure to give kudos to another iPhone and iPad appication developer when Kudos are due.  Have you ever had to sign a document and send it back?  You know… the process where you print the document out, sign your name at the bottom, fill in the date and other fields and then fax the pages or scan it back into the computer and make a pdf out of all the pages so you can e-mail it.  I do this at least 50 times a year.

From Non-Disclosure Agreements to Work for Hire documents to field trip permission slips, it’s one big pain to sign and send back.

The Zosh iPhone Application  puts an end to all of that.  Zosh let’s you open the app on your iPhone or iPad and then you can add text right over the PDF or word document and size and place it perfectly within the boxes.  Then you can sign your name using your finger or attach a picture of your signature and then fire off the document back to the sender in under 5 minutes flat.

Zosh is a poor name for this app because it tells you nothing about what it does.  However, Zosh is the real deal and they just saved me hours upon hours of printing and scanning documents.  Congratulations Zosh.  The reason we found your app is because we had this very same idea…apparently too late;)

Zosh in iTunes