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How to Maximize Your Battery Life in iOS 9

As popular as iPhones are, most people wish that the battery would last a little longer. As soon as you start to use a few apps, or listen to some music you always need to keep one eye on how much longer you have before your phone will need to be charged. This is not an issue that Apple are completely unaware of, and every update does elude to longer battery life, but any prolonged use of an iPhone still comes ... Read more

Everything you need to know about iPhone 6s

Here is everything you need to know about the iPhone 6s Tweets by @iPhoneTeam // Read more

Upgrading to iOS9: All you need to know

On June 8th of this year, Apple announced the release of their latest operating system for all of its mobile devices, iOS 9. Over the years, consumers have become accustomed to operating systems that have been uniformly modified for both phone and tablet platforms. But with the arrival of iOS 9, Apple users will have additional functionality that is exclusive to both tablets and phones separately. It's very rare that a tech company, much less an industry behemoth like Apple, refines ... Read more

iPhone 6S to Hit Record Level Production

  There is nothing quite like the calm before the storm leading up to the official announcement of a new iPhone release. It is like the whole world is hanging on the chance of a choice detail being slipped into conversation by an Apple developer, executive, or spokesperson. The questions are rife and speculation is rampant. What will the new device be named? Will it be an iteration of the iPhone 6 or have things moved on enough to call for an iPhone ... Read more

The Great Features of iOS9

It seems to be that much of the discussion surrounding the imminent release of iOS 9, certainly before the Worldwide Developers Conference, has focused only on enhancing the quality and performance of existing features. Yet, whilst the innovative new system will offer users a great many alterations and improvements, there are plenty of previously unseen features on the way too. There have been a number of significant changes to key areas like battery life and mapping functions, and it is hoped that ... Read more

10 Simple Steps To Free Space On Your iPhone

  There must be a scientific theorem somewhere to explain why, no matter how much space you have on an iPhone, it never seems to be enough. So, your new iPhone has a lot more memory than your old one - the chances are that you will still manage to fill it up just as fast with photos, videos, messages, memos, apps, music, and a whole host of junk and duplicate files. The problem is that, if you know the space is there, ... Read more

The 8 greatest iPhone Features that we now take for granted

This year, the beloved iPhone turns eight years old. In other words, we have spent almost a decade following the news of imminent releases and important updates, counting the days until the next jailbreak announcement, and showing off to friends not lucky enough to get their hands on the newest models. It might sound trite but many of us share a very close relationship with our iPhones. They keep us in touch with friends, answer the mysteries that we ponder, protect ... Read more

How to Block Telemarketers from Calling your iPhone

Block a Telemarketer from calling your iPhone In late May 2015, Telemarketers may gain access and begin calling all mobile phone numbers including your iPhone.  You need to block telemarketers from calling your iPhone immediately.  It's a completely free service that is handled by the United States Trade Commission. It is called the Do Not Call Registry and blocks telemarketers from calling a phone.  You then have to renew the Do-Not-Call block before then.  Remember, it takes 31 days for your iPhone to be added ... Read more

How to Quickly Send a Video or Photo in Messages App on iPhone

Send a Video or Photo with One-Click in iMessage There is now a lightening fast way to send selfie photo or video in just one press of the button in iMessage.  This feature is new in iOS 8 and it makes iMessage all the better for easy sharing and communication. Read more

How To Fix Color Disappeared from my iPhone

The Color Disappeared on your iPhone and How to Fix It! The iPhone has so many settings that are great, but sometimes something goes awry and you have no idea how you caused it or how to even fix the problem.  Losing the color on your iPhone when it goes to grayscale screen is actually a really easy fix to get it back. Solution #1 (Feeling Lucky?): First, try triple-clicking the home button (push it three times very fast).  For some of you, ... Read more
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