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iOS 8 All You Need To Know About Continuity

iOS 8 Continuity Overview One of the most popular features of Apple products is how well they work together. This is a feature that continues with iOS 8 and the inclusion of OS X Yosemite means that all devices that you own will now work better together than ever before without requiring any syncing or other input from you. People have been able to send iMessages from their iPads to other Apple users for a while now, but with iOS 8 you can ... Read more

Apple iWatch VS. Samsung Galaxy Gear

We may see that Samsung has unveiled its Galaxy Gear to coincide with its Note 3 release. However, I was not so favorably impressed. We may have to wait until October for Apple's next big move in the battle of dominance in the markets. But, already the pre-release materials and rumor mill already has Apple ahead in the game. Features, Function, Benefit This has been my credo ever since I became interested in technology and gadgets. I apply this to any product I ... Read more

iOS 8 Introduces New Middle Finger Emoji

Middle Finger Emoji Implications and Uses The middle finger emoji is, hands down, the most requested icon to appear on your Apple emoji keyboard and it looks like people are finally going to get their wish when iOS 8 is released in the fall. While many people will be happy that it has been included in the new operating system, it does raise some points about how and when it should be used in order not to cause offense to people who receive a ... Read more

How to customize Siri on Your iPhone and iPad

We all like things our way, and for some people that also includes Siri. This is a beginner lever tutorial that will show you how to edit Siri. When you edit your Siri, you will be able to change it's accent, language, and even gender. 1) Click on the settings icon 2) Click on general 3) Click on Siri 4) Edit all settings where you feel change is needed You can also turn off Siri, if you feel like you do not need it. You ... Read more

Call a Number With an Extension Automatically With Your Iphone

Going through automated operators in order to dial an extension can be very annoying. It might even be  a situation where there is a time constraint, and you need to get in touch with someone with an extension immediately. Many iphone users are unaware of the fact that you can dial a phone number including the extension right from your phone and never have to deal with another automated system anymore and here is how.  Assuming you were calling your spouse or ... Read more

Schedule Your Mac To Automatically Turn On And Turn Off

If you are a Macintosh owner, turning off your mac periodically is a great practice for a few reasons. It saves you money by using less energy. Assuming you worked from 9am to 5pm, if you turned your mac off while you were away, you would conserve energy by not having to recharge it when you get back home. It stops memory leaks. Memory leaks occur when programs on a mac are not closed properly. When the mac restarts itself, it makes sure ... Read more

iPhone size comparison

Here is a size comparison between the iPhone 6 versus the older generations. Which do you prefer? With all the new features coming in iOS 8 are you going to stick with the 5s, or get the much larger iPhone 6? In any case I am sure most of us will eventually buy the iPhone 6. Read more

What Does iWatch Look Like?

What Does iWatch Look Like You Ask? Apple's new iWatch will debut October 2014.  Many people are speculating what it will do and what it will look like.  The biggest question people are asking are: How many apps will you be able to see on the face of iWatch?  How durable will it be? How much will the iWatch cost?  Should I get an iWatch?  What does iWatch look like?  Will iOS developers make apps just for iWatch? We don't have all the answers yet ... Read more

A Round Edged Curved Glass iPhone?

Word around town is that the iPhone 6 might have curved edges instead of the normal squared edges we have seen on the previous models. If the iPhone did have a curved edge as this rumors states then it would also have to have a curved glass display. This has not been the first time we have heard this rumor, as the rumor of a curved display has been floating around for a while. There has also been many speculations, that there ... Read more

iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5

iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5 Form Factors   The iPhone 6 will soon be announced by Apple at this year's WWDC in June 2014.  It is no secret that the iPhone 6 screen will be much larger than the iPhone 5.  The current rumor mill shows that there will be two different sizes of iPhone 6.  One with a 4.7' screen and one with a huge 5.5" screen.  A lot of iPhone purists say they don't want a larger iPhone screen.  That said, ... Read more
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