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How to Block Telemarketers from Calling your iPhone

Block a Telemarketer from calling your iPhone In late May 2015, Telemarketers may gain access and begin calling all mobile phone numbers including your iPhone.  You need to block telemarketers from calling your iPhone immediately.  It's a completely free service that is handled by the United States Trade Commission. It is called the Do Not Call Registry and blocks telemarketers from calling a phone.  You then have to renew the Do-Not-Call block before then.  Remember, it takes 31 days for your iPhone to be added ... Read more

How to Quickly Send a Video or Photo in Messages App on iPhone

Send a Video or Photo with One-Click in iMessage There is now a lightening fast way to send selfie photo or video in just one press of the button in iMessage.  This feature is new in iOS 8 and it makes iMessage all the better for easy sharing and communication. Read more

How To Fix Color Disappeared from my iPhone

The Color Disappeared on your iPhone and How to Fix It! The iPhone has so many settings that are great, but sometimes something goes awry and you have no idea how you caused it or how to even fix the problem.  Losing the color on your iPhone when it goes to grayscale screen is actually a really easy fix to get it back. Solution #1 (Feeling Lucky?): First, try triple-clicking the home button (push it three times very fast).  For some of you, ... Read more

Sheep Game for iPhone

Introducing Sheep for iPhone Welcome to the Farm!! The key to winning the game of Sheep is to Follow the Flock, as the most popular answers earn the most points. Sheep is a question and answer game, where the questions are proposed to all the Sheep on the farm in each game and scored based on how many Sheepsters answer the same. Questions are general in nature and can be answered by anyone. No geniuses needed here to win. Remember the best answer ... Read more

How to Record iPhone Screen in Yosemite

How to Easily Record from your iPhone Screen or Any App Using Apple Yosemite 10.10. Apple Yosemite has been released free to the public and it's quite apparent that the new Mac OS 10.10 is becoming more and more like the iOS 8 operating system.  One great feature of Yosemite is the ability to plug in your iPhone to your Mac and record the audio and/or video from your iPhone or iPad.  Prior to Yosemite, this was only possible using 3rd party apps ... Read more

Introducing The Apple Watch

The future of wearable technology made its debut during the release of the iPhone 6 the other day and the world finally had its first look at the Apple Watch, made to interface directly with your iPhone 6 or the 3 versions of the iPhone 5. When it was unveiled officially, it got a standing ovation from all those lucky enough to attend big Apple Event. Here, we will go over some of the many features that are available to you and ... Read more

Apple Watch To Be Released In Early 2015

Now that Apple's “Hype Machine” has died down over the latest iPhone release, it is starting to ramp up again for the release of the Apple Watch that was shown near the end of their kick off presentation and briefly demonstrated. However, many experts feel that Apple missed the boat and releasing the Apple Watch in 2015 may be a dud or worse ill conceived. Galaxy Gear will hold the lion's share of the market. Galaxy Gear is already on the market and will ... Read more

How Do I Fix iMessage Not Delivered?

Google Public DNS Settings fixes iMessage "Not Delivered" Nothing is more annoying when you get "not delivered" in red below your iMessage.  It makes you realize just how reliant we all are on messaging and iMessage in particular.   There are two possible solutions to the Not Delivered issue.  The error could have to do with your DNS settings or it could just be a short-term glitch with iMessage. Solution 1 - Turn iMessage off then on again How to Fix iMessage Not Delivered - To ... Read more

iPhone Apps That Will Hog Your Data

It is not very common in this day and age to have an unlimited data plan, unless you were “grandfathered in” or you use one of the very few cellular companies that still offer unlimited data. Most smartphone users are not that lucky and therefore have to watch how much data they use to avoid going over the limit, in turn being charged a hefty fee. There are many apps that we use at all times of the day away from ... Read more

What Does It Really Take To Bend An iPhone 6?

Many people worry about dropping their iPhone 6 and breaking the display. However, with the new displays coming out nowadays, there’s less to worry about. A greater fear is sitting on your new iPhone and breaking it. This is a real problem as people put their iPhones in their back pockets, without thinking; forget about them and things go wrong from there. So, what you can you do to prevent it from happening to you and what are some alternative ways to ... Read more
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