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How to Jailbreak Your Device on ios 7.0.6

This Jailbreak is done with Evasi0n version 1.0.6. It is a 3 step automatic jailbreak tool. What you will need:  5 Minutes to finish the very fast process  A computer running windows, Mac, or Linux Your apple device that has been updated to Ios 7.0.6 A usb cable to connect you apple device Important Notes: Back up your device before you jailbreak it. Disable the passcode lock to avoid any issues Avoid using iTunes for anything else while jailbreaking. If the device freezes. It is 100% safe to restart the program. If ... Read more

There Will Be New Emoji in iOS 8

Does iOS 8 have new Emoji? Yes! New iOS operating systems are great but, let's be honest, all we really care about is getting new Emoji with our new iOS.  What has long been missing are ethnically diverse emoji that more accurately reflect the people on this planet.  All of the current emoji people are Caucasian or Japanese.  A large part of this is due to the fact that emoji originated in Japan. Katie Cotton, Apple's VP of Global Corporate Communications just announced ... Read more

First Screenshot of iPhone 6

First Leaked Screenshot of the iPhone 6 It is common wisdom that the iPhone 6 coming out in 2014 will be bigger and wider than the iPhone 5s.  The iPhone 6 will certainly have iOS 8 on it which will look different than this screenshot with iOS 7 wallpaper but notice the different icons and new Apple app icons on the screen. The other big difference is that this screenshot goes 5 icons across and 7 icons down including the bottom springboard.  That ... Read more

Emoji Portrait of Barack Obama

So just what does Barack Obama look like if his portrait were painted purely in Emoji Art. I believe it would look something like this. Read more

What does the iPhone 6 Look Like?

What does the iPhone 6 look like? In the next few months Apple will announce the long awaited iPhone 6.  While Apple is highly secretive about new products, we do know that the new iPhone 6 will have a larger screen.  We can also speculate that the iPhone 6 will have a much higher res front facing camera  due to the all importance of the selfie. Take a look at how one person imagines the iPhone 6.  Accurate?  Do you think they'll incorporate ... Read more

Neural Network Applications for Business

Neural Network Applications for Business Neural networks are a unique class of code structure that can help solve problems for your business that are otherwise unapproachable. Ethervision can design neural network solutions to solve a myriad of problems. Neural networks are computational models that are capable of pattern recognition and ultimately abstraction of new data. The important feature of neural networks and evolutionary programming is that they are capable of finding solutions for which the driving functions are unknown. As an example: What formula would ... Read more

How to Fix Mac Unidentified Developer Error

How to Open Apps from an Unidentified Developer In Apple's new Mavericks 10.9 operating system, opening software you download for your Mac from the Web can be a challenge.  Apple seems to have blocked any file or software from running unless it is downloaded from the Mac App Store. You are in luck.  There is a solution to solving the "...can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer" error and in running the program on your Mac after you have downloaded ... Read more

Advanced Image Processing for iOS

Advanced Image and Video Processing Ethervision excels at solving and developing the most complex apps for our clients that involve video and image processing. From OpenCV to Core Animation, Ethervision fully understands how to program for the most cutting edge of visual iPhone and Android applications, including: Image Analysis Object Classification including Facial Recognition Image Processing Advanced Video Processing Computational Photography Image Stacking and Focal Stacking: We offer you the ability to use your mobile device to create a picture that is entirely in focus after combining many images ... Read more

10 Steps: How To Make A Mobile App a Reality

How To Make A Mobile App: Step-By-Step So you or your company has this great million dollar iPhone or Android App idea but you don't write a lick of code and you don't own your own mobile application development company.  Fear not. With a better understanding of how the whole mobile app development process works and a bit of persistence you can get your million dollar app idea developed and live on the App Store and/or Google Play. Here are the ten simple ... Read more

How to Hide Any App in iOS 7

Hide any App in iOS 7 You can hide any app in iOS 7 following this step-by-step video.  You can hide Apple stock apps like Newsstand and Passbook or you can hide any third party app from the App Store. Read more
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