Advanced Image and Video Processing

Ethervision excels at solving and developing the most complex apps for our clients that involve video and image processing.
From OpenCV to Core Animation, Ethervision fully understands how to program for the most cutting edge of visual iPhone and Android applications, including:

  • Image Analysis
  • Object Classification including Facial Recognition
  • Image Processing
  • Advanced Video Processing
  • Computational Photography
  • Image Stacking and Focal Stacking: We offer you the ability to use your mobile device to create a picture that is entirely in focus after combining many images together.
  • Super Resolution: Super resolution is the ability to take a low resolution video sequence and extract a very detailed high resolution image from it.  This is great for security companies and camera detection and motion detection companies.
  • OCR: Optical Character Recognition

We use some of the most advanced algorithms in the world to help solve your most advanced image processing needs.