Frame an Instagram Picture for Under $10

Instagram pictures look so much better framed on a wall and they also make excellent gifts for friends and family.  Over the last few months we’ve scoured the web and the app store looking for the best and cheapest way to print and Instagram Photothen frame our Instagram photos.
We bought countless pictures and frames so you don’t have to.  The more expensive options elegantly mount the picture on the frame for you.  However, we found the cheapest, most efficient way to frame an Instagram print is to buy the print and frame separately and then mount it yourself (duh).  While you could go even a little cheaper with a smaller frame, the best option can still be had for under $10.
Rather than bring yet another wine bottle in hand to a party, order a bunch of frames, print that photo of your friend and bring it with you. +1 for creativity.

Best Place to Print Instagram Pictures

The best and easiest way to print your Instagram pics is with the MoPho iOS application.  Each print is only 30 cents which is a fair price considering that not many companies print square pictures.  But, what makes MoPho the best choice is that it seamlessly integrates with your Instagram account and loads all of the pictures right in to the app.  The user interface is easy to use and the pictures arrived in a few days all looking good.  MoPho also offers a bunch of framing options like on aluminum or dog tags but we found the material to be pretty cheap in quality and overpriced.
We also looked at a few other options such as PostalPix.  Don’t waste your time with this one as they do not even integrate with Instagram so loading your pics in the apps is a pain.

Best Place to Buy Cheap Instagram Frames

Cheap Instagram FramesNow that you have your prints, you need a good frame.  It took us a while to find this but a small company called Harmony out of Utah, sells 4×4 frames for only $8 through Etsy.  The viewable area is 3.5×3.5 so you lose just a bit of the border but it looked great with all our photos.  Don’t worry, it comes in more than pink: The frame comes in 14 different colors and it has a subtle rustic wear to it.  The frame comes with a hole and a little peg so you can either put the peg in and lay the frame on a table or you can hang on a wall.

We recommend buying a bunch of frames so you have them on hand (and to save on shipping).  Assuming you buy a few frames at a time and save on shipping, for under $10 you now can print and mount an Instagram photo.
One more option is worth mentioning…

Best Premium Instagram Frame

Custom Instagram FrameOf all the frames we bought and pictures we printed there is one more high end solution that is worth looking into if you are looking to get a nice gift for someone or to make a big impression: Hatchcraft makes an amazing looking frame called a Boo Box for Instagram photos.  The Hatchcraft Website is easy to use and it integrates seamlessly with your Instagram account.  Once you upload you picture, you can choose between 4″ or 7″ pictures.  The frames are made of bamboo and come in three flavors: light, mixed and dark (Lion, Tiger and Bear).  As the name implies, Tiger uses multicolored wood and really makes the picture pop.
The 4″ mounted pic is $19 and the 7″ is $29.  We gave a bunch of pictures out as gifts and our family and friends loved them and immediately commented on how cool the frames are.  To top it off, customer service is good and the people are nice.  If you buy in bulk, you can save a few bucks per frame as well.

There are many other companies that print everything from Mouse pads to wall sized posters.  Let us know in the comments if you have found a great way to print, mount and share your Instagram photos.
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