Hi all, The focus of this blog will be about all things branded video content. A dozen or so companies are trying to perfect the online advertising video model and the front running idea right now is to put banners around the video and to embed pre and post roll in the content. There is a fine line between putting ads all over the page and ruining the users experience with the video. As savvy internet users, we have all trained ourselves to just focus on the center part of the screen, ignoring many of the ads that surround.That said, I am a firm believer that the best way to advertise on the web and to brand yourself is to create authentic video that is enjoyable to watch with your brand seamlessly woven in to the video. If the content is related to your company/brand, all the better, but it is not absolutely necessary in order to get your message across. The content just has to be good and authentic. And best of all, any company of any size can reap the benefits. There are no barriers of entry.Authenticity is the most important part of this equation. Customers and non-customers alike can take your message and critique, blog, slice and dice it a hundred ways ’til Tuesday. Whether you like it or not, they now have partial control of your brand. Create authentic messaging that truly resonates with your brand and all that slicing and dicing won’t ever effect you, it’ll just help the cause.Here is a video that embodies what I am talking about (thanks to Chad for sharing with me). This blog will serve as a home base for authentic, well-branded web videos. I can’t do it alone. If you know of a video that breaks through the clutter and inspires, post it here or send me the link so we can all enjoy and get smarter about this form of branding. With broadband in a majority of homes and great video coding like H264 and On2, the video era of the internet has arrived. The amazing thing is that the internet as a full multi-media device is only just beginning.Subscribe to the feed through Feedburner or for you iPhone folks, a site thumbnail has been created for your home screen.-Randall