Team Ethervision just finished a very cool iphone app and mobile web site for Lakai Limited Footwear. What makes this application very cool is that all the videos, blog posts and content are pulled right from their existing site and populate the mobile web site and the application.  So, the folks at Lakai can keep updating their website as they always have and the iPhone application and mobile site update on the fly as well.  Skaters can now follow Lakai and their amazing videos at home or on-the go.

Apple just contacted us on Friday asking for specifics graphics to be featured on their home page in the near future.

Check out Lakai’s blog post on their new iPhone Application and Mobile Web Site.

Ethervision iPhone Applications have been featured by Apple on the home page of the iTunes store twelve times in the last 15 months.  Ethervision is a Chicago based iPhone and iPad apple application developer.