RC Helicopter AppAfter a solid year of long, hard work, Ethervision, Frozen Pepper and iDev2 bring you RC Heli 2 radio controlled simulation and racing iPhone and iPad application.  We’ve rebuilt the entire application from scratch, implementing all new physics and very crisp graphics optimized for the iPhone 4 retina display and the iPad 2.  Included with the application are two 3 Channel Helis, one 4 Channel Heli, Free Flight in the newly designed, three story condo and seven races.
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In addition, we’ve added an entirely new combat mode, seven completely unique helicopters and two UFOs for in-app purchase.  Whether you are a radio control Heli or Plane enthusiast or a iPhone or iPad gamer, RC Heli 2 has something for everyone.  We’ve taken the best aspects of the 1st generation RC Heli and Plane applications and we’ve completely redesigned the rest.

Check out the video for details and gameplay or Check out RC Plane 2 here:)