First Leaked Screenshot of the iPhone 6

It is common wisdom that the iPhone 6 coming out in 2014 will be bigger and wider than the iPhone 5s.  The iPhone 6 will certainly have iOS 8 on it which will look different than this screenshot with iOS 7 wallpaper but notice the different icons and new Apple app icons on the screen.
The other big difference is that this screenshot goes 5 icons across and 7 icons down including the bottom springboard.  That is 35 icons per screen rather than the 24 for the iPhone 5 and 20 for the iPhone 4.
While I am certainly looking forward to a bigger screen on the iPhone 6, I think it is a big mistake to just keep filling bigger screens with icons.  A user should be allowed to resize icon shapes based on importance.  Regardless, the screens and screens of uniform icons can stand to change it up a bit.

Do you like the screenshot look of the iPhone 6?  Let us know in comments below.