iPhone Tips and Tricks

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iPhone Tutorials for beginners and experts alike: Ethervision, a top mobile application development company, guides you step-by-step on how to find and adjust the most important Settings in Apple’s powerful new iOS 8 mobile operating system so you can customize to your exact needs.  These tutorials will serve as the building blocks to better understand how to get the most out of your iPhone 6, 5, 4 or iPad.

Let’s get started with the fifteen most important iOS secrets every iPhone & iPad user needs to know.

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1.   Junk an Email – You can now easily classify and send an email to the junk folder with just two clicks. Tap the flag icon in the bottom left corner of the email. Select “Move to Junk”.

2.  Siri Search HistoryDid you forget what Siri’s answer was or do you need to refer to her answer again? Now you can. Simply open Siri and scroll up to see your history with her.

3.  Quick Access Flashlight & CameraControl Center is a game changer in iOS 7. Now you have your most used settings and apps right at your fingertips. From any screen including an app or the lock screen just put your thumb in the very botton center of the screen and swipe your finger up. You will never miss a good photo opp again. And you will actually use your flashlight all the time now.

4. Inbox CustomizationCustomize your email inbox in the Mail App exactly how you want. Switch the order your different email accounts appear, add a custom folder that shows only attachments, show an unread email inbox, remove VIP if you don’t want it. This one is huge. Make your inbox look exactly how you would have it look!

5. Learn the Trick that Solves 99% of all improperly Functioning iPhones

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5