Troubleshoot iPhoneHow to Fix Your iPhone 6

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When your iPhone is not functioning properly, there is one troubleshooting trick you have to try first that will fix it almost every time.  Below are also a few other useful troubleshooting tools to help you keep your iPhone operating smoothly.

Learn the tip by reading the text or click the Title for a full step-by-step video tutorial.  Enjoy.

5. The Hard Reset – To Hard Reset your iPhone, hold down the power and home buttons UNTIL you see the Apple Logo appear on the screen. Doing this does NOT erase any data nor does it reset any settings on your device.  Rather, it frees up all the used memory on your device. In simple terms; If your iPhone is ever slow or if apps seem to be crashing a lot more often, do the hard reset and your iPhone 6 should be nice and speedy again.

6. Reset Your Home Button – From time to time some people lose the responsiveness with their iPhone home button.  If this ever happens to you, there is actually a relatively unknown fix for this: Open one of Apple’s App (Like Weather App).  Hold down the Power Button until the “Slide to Power Off” images appear.  Now let go of those buttons and press and hold the home button down until the app closes on its own.  Your home button should now work again, good as new.

7. Close and Reopen Apps – Even the most stable apps sometimes fail and stop working properly.  If you have an iPhone app that keeps crashing or doesn’t seem to work like it should in iOS 8, close the app and reopen it.  To do this, double tap the home button and swipe the screen of the app not working upwards. Reopen the app and it should behave like new again.

8. Reset your Cellular Signal – Have you ever had your iPhone eternally search for a cellular signal?  Or do you get one bar when you know you should be getting a better signal.  We can fix that.  Sometimes your iPhone doesn’t efficiently switch from cell tower to cell tower, leaving you high and dry with a bad signal.  To fix this simply swipe your thumb from bottom-middle of screen up to pull up Control Center. Then tap the airplane mode on then off again.

9. No SIM Card Fix – 99% of the time, your Sim Card is dirty. The fix is easy. Watch the video or follow this link for a step-by-step list of what you’ll need and what to do.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5