Sheep Game for iPhoneIntroducing Sheep for iPhone

Welcome to the Farm!! The key to winning the game of Sheep is to Follow the Flock, as the most popular answers earn the most points. Sheep is a question and answer game, where the questions are proposed to all the Sheep on the farm in each game and scored based on how many Sheepsters answer the same. Questions are general in nature and can be answered by anyone. No geniuses needed here to win. Remember the best answer may not be your preference but rather the preference of the entire farm.
Use Sheep Coins to increase points on the answers you think you are best. Invite your friends…Sheep is much more fun when you can see the answers of your friends, family and co-workers!! Once you have submitted your answers, sit back and relax as the results will be revealed one question at a time. Make sure you have Push Notifications turned on so you don’t miss a reveal. Are you ready to join the farm? Are you ready to be crowned King or Queen Sheep?

Sheep Video Tutorial

Quite simply, Sheep is the most fun crowd sourcing game there is. Sheep will be available before Christmas 2014 on the App Store.

– Spend 5 Sheep Coins every game to enhance your chance to win
– Tag your friends to create your own flock
– Dual Leaderboards (one for your flock and one for the whole farm)
– Earn skins by finishing in the top 50%
– Special categorized games
– Wool Of Fame – ranking all sheep and your flock by total points earned and total skins earned (resets monthly)
– Each game consists of 5 rounds 4 questions each and a 6th round bonus question
– Images outlining every answer in every reveal
– Video tutorial showing you how to play
– Ability to submit your own questions for future games
– Ability to view your history of games completed

Feedback and Help

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