Youtube viral video marketing can get as seedy as spam mail, if not seedier.Dan Ackerman from techcrunch posted a blog and gave away a lot of the “dirty” secrets of how to get at least 100,000 youtube video views. Some of the methods are completely legitimate and ethical but some are just, plain wrong.I wrote a few weeks back about how to chose the best thumbnail for youtube. Many people use pictures of pretty dames to lure folks into watching their vid. As we all know, sex does sell. However, Dan gives advice that goes way beyond simply posting a misleading, sexy thumbnail. He also suggests creating misleading titles (but only after youtube has featured you in the most viewed section). As informative as this information is, strategies like this will catch up with the authenticity of your brand and company.See full controversial post below (they actually purposefully created controversy in the blog coments to get it read more!)…These blog tricks are the same tricks employed by their youtube video strategies.